Amazing Herbs and Oils For Natural Healing

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How To Prevent Reverse Osteoporosis

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Tips for a Healthier Life

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Reversing Preventing Heart Disease By The Food You Eat

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How To Regenerate Your Stem Cells

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Peppermint Has Surprising Health Benefits!

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What are Hemp Plant Special Benefits?

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Ways of Reducing Silent Inflammation

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How To Control Hypertension?

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Will Eating The Right Food Heal Our Body?

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What Is Great About Fermented Foods?

Why Fermented Foods and Fermented Supplements . . . Microbes found in fermented foods and fermented natural health supplements can help improve the function of the immune system in our bodies. Most notable is an improvement in the roles of natural killer cells which are our front-line defenders against infection and cancer developmentᐧ   Fermented Ingredients … Read more

Boosting Your Immune System

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Why Organic Food Is Better?

Organic Food Is Better Why organic food is better? According to a study, a lot of vegetables and fruits produce have been found to be contaminated with 20 different pesticides. Pesticides have been known to have a dangerous effect on humans. It was found that the occurrence of pesticide residues is four times higher in … Read more

About Healthy Eating, Happy Living

Eat Healthy, Live Happy

Hi, I am Evelyn!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My website is about healthy eating and happy living. I will be sharing information on proper nutrition and practices to help people live healthy lives, free from illness, and chronic pain. The choices of the food that we eat daily are the key to living a healthy life. Eating the right food with the right nutrients will help the body healthy, feel young, energetic, productive and most of all will make the body happy all the time time. This website will show everyone how to achieve that goal and enjoy life to the fullest. Through research and providing studies on food that promote excellent health for the body and mind, I hope to be able to reach thousands of people if not millions, to help achieve that.  I will be writing blogs on what food to eat and what food to avoid, what ingredients to avoid in cooking food, what to watch out for in beverages that are sold in the stores, and should avoid those drinks. My blog will talk about the root cause of body inflammation that causes illness. Educate everyone on food elements that cause free radicals in our body that can affect the functions of our organs over time.  I want everyone to live a life that is full of energy, vibrant, and live longer.   It is an enormous and endless task but I am excited and determined to do it.

Educating People about Good Dietary Habit

I learned in my research that most illnesses were caused by what we put in our mouths.  Therefore, through education, non-contagious diseases caused by inflammation can be prevented.  Hospitalization can be avoided as well.  Through research, I  also learned we can have a happy and vibrant life, and free from pain, if we nourish our body properly and avoid the food that causes inflammation.  We buy foods that we thought are safe for our health, but in actuality, cause us harm because of the way they were cooked, using the wrong oil, added chemically processed flavors, vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides. The factors I mentioned, impact the functions of our liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, brain, and lymphatic system. They cause free radicals in our body that lead to inflammation like pesticides sprayed on the vegetables do affect our endocrine system.  When our organs are clogged with toxins – they could not function properly.  Hence, toxins cause other problems in our immune system. 

Supplementing With Minerals and Nutrients

We can detoxify specific organs naturally with minerals and nutrients.  Furthermore, there are supplements that will help tone organs in our bodies.  My blogs will introduce the type of nutrients, and minerals to take. Taking supplements will help bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should be eating. Introduce the type of foods that will help detox specific organs in the body. At the same time, avoid bad food causing the root cause of the health issues. Consuming the right nutrients and supplements will help produce very positive results.   My mother passed away at 89.  I always told myself that if I knew then what I have learned, probably my Mom would have lived a lot longer like other people who are still living at 100 and above.  I miss my Mom dearly that I still think about her. 

My goal is to reach out to thousands of people if not millions, to inspire them to live a healthy and happy life.  Supplements of minerals and nutrients have benefited a lot of people that I know of and people close to me. It is a testament that our body can be deficient or lack the right nutrients and minerals, and we must supply them. I am very happy to share the important information, as well.

Learn About Essential Oils For Good Health

I also have learned so much about the use of natural essential oils for good health.  More people now are learning about essential oils and how to use them.  First, the oils can be used topically or by aromatherapy for healing and illness prevention.  Secondly, essential oils that are labeled pure, organic, natural, hexane-free, cold-pressed will be safe for ingesting if mixed with water.  Furthermore, the correct dosage has to be researched before ingesting.  Did you know just by using oil as aromatherapy can help with healing?  Yes, you can.  Depending on what condition you want to heal, there is specific oil for it.  Using essential oil topically is also effective in healing.  Again, a specific oil has to be determined for what you want to heal.

Why do I want To Help People?

Since learning about how to eat healthily and live a happy life, it became my strong desire to help as many people as possible. Having a blog website is the only way to reach out to millions of people and empower them.  It will make me feel very good knowing I am helping people who are faced with health issues.  I would like to give a gift of hope and that our bodies will heal if we are equipped with the right information on how we can achieve it. We can heal our bodies with the right food.

Autoimmune diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and severe allergies and more, can be prevented and can be reversed through education and self-discipline on dietary habits, or changing a lifestyle. Also, by adopting a simple exercise to our daily routine, the body will heal.

The Goal of My Site

The goal of my site is to empower millions of people with information on nourishing our bodies with the right nutrients and minerals. I want millions of people to feel hopeful if they are faced with health issues and still achieve happy living.  Through education via my articles on proper nutrition, I hope to achieve my goal. Encourage individuals to practice healthy eating.  Helping and educating everyone is just my nature! Good health is wealth!  Be healthy and wealthy!

Thank you for visiting.


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