Herbs and Oils For Healing

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Herbs and Oils Good Are Good for Healing

I started researching in early 2016 after learning my cousin was suffering from cancer.  I equipped myself with information to help her survive the disease. To start with,  I supplied the supplements she needed to boost her immune system which she acknowledged helped her a lot.  Unfortunately, the long story of it all, her oncologists advised her to have surgeries and chemo which she did.  She emaciated as she was not able to eat well and was in excruciating pain.  Long story short, she passed away in February 2018.  I continued to research as I felt I should help a lot of people I touch on about alternatives available on healing in addition to conventional treatment and the right kind of nutrients to eat to help the body heal and enhance the immune system to fight a disease.  During my research, I learned about Herbs and Oils for healing.  I became passionate about it and continued on educating myself about herbal plants, essential oils, and cooking oils for good health.  I read about people who have a condition and have tried changing their dietary practice and were successful in healing themselves.  As a result, they are living a happier life with good energy and free from worries.

Herbs with Immune-Boosting Compounds


Turmeric and its many benefits have been discovered all over the world, most notably the active compound called Curcumin.  According to a study, Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It supports heart health, joint health, arthritis, prevents Alzheimer’s disease.  Drinking turmeric tea after surgery accelerates the healing process, and reduce pain.  Turmeric oil is good for treating thyroid conditions.  The oil is high in turmerone and curcumins.  It boosts stem cells in the body, joint and tissue repair, and great for the digestive system.


A co-worker told me that her son broke his ankle while playing basketball.  Long story short, while his leg was in the cast he drank turmeric tea daily.  His broken bone fused together faster and healed within a little over a month.  My husband had a hip replacement and drank turmeric tea every day after he was discharged from the hospital. The doctor told him he will be able to use his leg after 3 months.  Well, he did not have to wait 3 months, he used his leg a little over a month!  My cousin’s female co-worker was using a cane going to work due to arthritis pain.  Someone told her to take turmeric pills.  She did and the co-worker started going to work without a cane. I thought that was amazing!

Black Cumin seeds and Oil

Black Cumin seeds oil has a very high therapeutic compound also like turmeric.  It aids the body in its natural healing, helps the digestive system, and prevents inflammation also.  Has immune-boosting properties, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol.  It is very good at healing cancers and allergies.  Black Cumin supplement is available in powder form in vegetarian capsules or oil gel capsules, depending on what form you like.  Cumin Oil is also used for growing hair.  Black Cumin Spice is so good when mixed in your food.  I use black cumin powder on my fried egg for breakfast. Makes my eggs delicious with ground pepper and Himalayan salt. The color of the powder is not black but a kind of dark mustard green.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that supports the brain.  It rehabilitates the neuron for someone who had a stroke.  The neuron is the working unit in the brain.  A specialized designed cell that transmits information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells. Taking Ginkgo Biloba will open up the blood vessels leading to the brain.  It can help the brain function well thus will prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia.  I have been taking Ginkgo Biloba for many years for focus and better memory.  It helps me retain old and new information which helps me so much that enabled me to help co-workers that needed information to carry on with their responsibilities. a lot of info and details of events even from many years passed.  So if you need improved memory, Ginkgo Biloba is the answer!

Holy Basil Leaves

Studies have shown that holy basil leaves have a wide range of health-promoting properties.  The herb is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial.  It protects the liver, brain, heart, and prevents LDL oxidation. Also, it is effective in reducing anxiety and associated stress and depression in people with anxiety.   As an adaptogen herb, holy basil has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits.  I always make a juice with slices of fresh ginger, a bunch of holy basil leaves, one whole lemon juice, 2 tbsp of Agave light syrup, and 3 quartz of water in a jug.  I chill it in the fridge overnight to steep.  The following day it is a delicious drink.   Click here to learn more about Holy Basil Leaves.

Cold Pressed VS. Heat Extracted Cooking Oil

Did you know that some cooking oils are extracted cold-pressed and some were by heat?  Also, vegetable oils are GMO because pesticides and herbicides were used to grow vegetables.  Heat extracted oils are hydrogenated that can clog your liver with fats.  They cause weight gain and heart issues.  Coconut oil, Extra Virgin oil, and tallow are the best oil to use for cooking and mixing with food.  tallow is a type of cleaned and purified fat.  Fats, along with proteins, are essential building blocks for every cell membrane, including the skin. They provide energy, help absorb minerals, and carry a wealth of vitamins.  Coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides that remove cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed is also the best oil for making salad dressing and for mixing in your specific kind of salad you are making.  Do not use an extremely high heat flame to avoid oxidation which is bad for arteries.  It promotes a healthy heart when used the right way.

Use of Pure Natural Essential Oils

Selection of essential oils with various herbs and flowers in the background

I was fortunate to learn about natural essential oils. I started using frankincense and myrrh oil for pain and it amazed me these oils are very effective in relieving pain. So natural, smell so good, and no side effects. The two oils when mixed together with a carrier oil, are conveniently handy when I feel pain in any parts of my body, a very effective pain reliever.  I apply the mixed oil topically.  The pain goes away from 20 minutes to 30 minutes later.  It takes effect fast and you don’t even notice when the pain goes away.  I have used other natural essential oils like lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit, orange, peppermint, and sandalwood as aromatherapy.  Put 3 drops of each of the eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit, and orange oil in a diffuser to cleanse the air during bedtime.  A combination of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense will help you have a very calming sleep at night and feel good.  If the oil is pure, certified organic, cold-pressed, and hexane-free, they are safe to ingest if you have a condition you want to heal but the specific oil has to be determined and make sure it is the right essential oil.

Knowledge is Power!

Empowering ourselves with knowledge of what we can do, what choices we have, will help us achieve a healthy life and lower the risk of getting sick.  Adding herbs to our diet and using the right kind of oil for cooking can prevent illness.  In my readings, there are people that eliminated consuming what they thought started making them sick and they gradually started to feel better and symptoms going away slowly plus started losing weight.

Consult a professional or do your research to determine what vitamins and minerals deficiencies you have to help yourself achieve an excellent health.  Also, di you know having enough hours of sleep will improve immunity?  Not having enough hours of sleep weakens our immune system because our body is not repairing well.   Most supplements have no side effects like prescribed medicines do.  However, if you are taking any prescribed medication, advise your physician if you decide you want to start taking supplements.  For example: If you are taking prescribed blood thinners, you can’t take Ginkgo Biloba or even turmeric also because they have blood-thinning properties.


Always consult your doctor first if you are feeling ill to diagnose your condition.   Should you decide to heal yourself naturally,  have a follow-up check up such as tests to monitor your progress. 

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2 thoughts on “Herbs and Oils For Healing”

  1. First of all let me start by giving you my deepest sympathies. It is never easy losing a loved one.
    Second of all, I loved this ARTICLE! I found it to be quite refreshing if that makes any sense. My son is a survivor of SJS. He had a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic that nearly killed him…it burned his body from the inside out. Today he is scared to TAKE any kind of medicine at ALL. I’m always thinking of ways that I can help Him physically and mentally. Like you stated, The right kinds of nutrients from herbs and oils can and more than likely WILL help the healing process and enhance one’s immune system. But it seems like it should be done consistently over time…Right? For it to truly be effective anyway…
    I’m going to have to do more research on cold-pressed cooking OIL…I normally just buy canola oil and Olive oil, not even extra virgin half the time.
    I really enjoyed this READ though, I can appreciate the love you have for what you are doing… Helping people!

    • Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. Very much appreciated. I must tell you since I learned about essential oils, I have not used any OTC medicine for the last 3 years. Also, I am not on medication for anything but I do visit my doctor for a blood test every six months and physical check-up to make sure I am healthy and no health issues. With regard to your question, yes to maintain a healthy body, herbs, and good nutrients should always be a part of your diet. It does not have to be daily but maybe 3- 4 times a week. There are so many kinds of herbs and vegetables that have the same properties as antioxidants so you can use a variety of them. I have used oregano oil as an antibiotic before on my husband but at the moment I could not remember what was wrong then. So sorry I can’t remember, but it’s good for treating upper respiratory issues and it does work. You just put a couple of drops in the water and drink it. It is very safe and no side effects. Antibiotics can mess up some of our healthy cells and cause damage. I have also used Peppermint oil for toothache, for me and my husband. It works so effectively and no side effects. I rubbed in on the gum where a tooth was hurting. The pain was gradually going away and gone forever. I visited my dentist to have my teeth X-rayed and examined. When you buy oil, make sure it is organic, pure, therapeutic, and ingestable.

      For cooking oil, if you use cold-pressed oil, make sure you don’t burn the oil or do not use high heat. The heat cause oxidation in the oil which if we consume it, will have a chemical reaction in the body and will lead to inflammation.

      Again, thank you for your visit. Come again.


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