What are the health benefits of Peppermint?

Health benefits of peppermint Did you know peppermint has a lot of health benefits?  I have been using fresh peppermint leaves a lot on food and also in fresh juice due to its health benefits.  Oil is also extracted from peppermint and can be used for healing.  Peppermint has been used by ancient Egypt, Greece, … Read more

Control, Prevent Hypertension Naturally

How to control, prevent or reverse hypertension without medication? This article is about how to control, prevent, and reverse hypertension naturally without medication in the hope to help a lot of people dealing with hypertension and who don’t know exactly what to do.  A lot of options are available to you to treat and prevent … Read more

The Health Benefits of Hemp Plant

About The Hemp Plant Hemp is related to marijuana. You can buy hemp-seed oil or protein powder. The protein powder is used by a lot of body-building and health-conscious individuals. It is one of the popular varieties made by grinding pressed hemp seeds into a fine powder and the powder is mostly mixed in smoothies … Read more

Natural Ways to Reduce Silent Inflammation

Ways to Reduce Silent Inflammation This article will explain ways you can reduce silent inflammation that is known to develop slowly over a number of years or could be decades. It can just erupt one day and become a chronic disease or could even put your general health in danger.  The effects can interfere with … Read more

L-Lysine, Best Defense for Viruses and More

L-Lysine is The Best Defense Against Viruses L-Lysine is an amino acid and one of the building blocks of protein. It is the best defense against viruses. Also plays a role in the production of carnitine and collagen.  L-Lysine is essential for maintaining a healthy body and keeping systems functioning at an optimal level.  Lysine helps … Read more

Best Digestive Enzymes

Best Digestive Enzymes Fermented Digestive enzyme is best and it helps break down the food we eat like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The proteins in the digestive enzymes speed up the chemical reactions and turn nutrients into substances our digestive tract can absorb.  We have digestive enzymes in our saliva. Our organs, like the pancreas, gallbladder, and … Read more

Best Magnesium Absorption

Importance of Magnesium Chronic Stress has been associated with the six leading causes of death.   Stress can cause heart issues, inflammation, obesity, mental illness, and more.  Daily activities in people’s lives, like going to work and being stuck in traffic, and strained personal relationships can cause stress.  Some folks would turn to meditation, go to … Read more

Regenerate Your Stem Cells

Regenerating Stem Cells Naturally A study reported that every 7 or 10 years, stem cells in our body have regenerated.  Essentially each of us becomes a new person at that time.  Our bodies have stem cells everywhere. How do we help regenerate those stem cells?  Stem cells are in different organs and tissues including the … Read more

Benefits of Fermented Foods

About Fermented Foods and Fermented Supplements Microbes found in fermented foods and fermented natural health supplements can help improve the function of the immune system in our bodies. Most notable is an improvement in the roles of natural killer cells which are our front-line defenders against infection and cancer developmentᐧ   Fermented Ingredients in supplements increased … Read more

Reverse Prevent Heart Disease

Prevent Heart Disease With Healthy Diet Heart disease remains the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States and in other countries. There are things we can do by looking at the food we have been eating and do research on how we can prevent this stressful and heartbreaking disease when it … Read more

UV-C Lights Sanitizer

UV-C Lights, Effective Sanitizer During this pandemic, it has become very important that we vigilantly take precautions to prevent ourselves from getting infected from the infectious virus, bacteria, or other airborne diseases.  Hence, it has become a daily necessity to ensure we are safe and also our loved ones. We buy grocery items and have … Read more

Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting Your Immune System Against The Virus The pandemic will be with us for a long period of time globally, maybe till 2021.  Please make sure you are protecting yourself from getting infected while all of the restrictions are being lifted by each affected nation.  Everyone is dying to be out and about from a … Read more

Best Collagen Supplement

Why You Should Add Collagen Your Diet Collagen has been a part of my diet for over 2 years now.  I started using Knox gelatin (a protein derived from collagen) because I love making flavored gelatin with fruits to eat it as a snack.  I have also used 2 brands of hydrolysate collagen and found … Read more

Herbs and Oils For Healing

Herbs and Oils Good Are Good for Healing I started researching in early 2016 after learning my cousin was suffering from cancer.  I equipped myself with information to help her survive the disease. To start with,  I supplied the supplements she needed to boost her immune system which she acknowledged helped her a lot.  Unfortunately, … Read more

Prevent Reverse Osteoporosis

What is Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a bone disease indicating low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.  The bones become weaker, spongier, and prone to fracturing.  The spine is starting to curve.  Unfortunately, if detected at the time of a break, the disease is already fairly advanced. My mother suffered from osteoporosis at age 80 … Read more

Eating and Healing Your Body

Eat and Heal Through Healthy Diet The food we eat has an impact on our immune system.  Eating nutrient-dense fruits will help increase our immune system and prevent inflammation in our bodies.  With all of the scientific studies that have taken place everywhere and published and the technology that is now available, it has been … Read more

Ninja, Best 1000 Watt Blender

Ninja, The Best Professional Blender 72 OZ Capacity, 1000-Watt Base6 Blades Assembly with Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies, Ice, and frozen fruits, Model: BL610 BlackAvailable at Amazon I purchased this Ninja Professional Blender as the price is so affordable and works like a pro. I used it all the time as it makes my life … Read more