Why Organic Food Is Better?

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Organic Food Is Better

Why organic food is better? According to a study, a lot of vegetables and fruits produce have been found to be contaminated with 20 different pesticides. Pesticides have been known to have a dangerous effect on humans. It was found that the occurrence of pesticide residues is four times higher in non-organic crops.

Researchers found that organic food can have significantly high levels of anti-oxidants versus non-organic food.  It is the best way for all of us to reduce pesticide exposure.  Eating organic food has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic illness.  Supermarkets now sell organic fresh fruits and they are tastier, fruit meat texture is better than GMO fruits.    I buy organic gala apples and they have a better taste, crispier, juicier, and sweeter! Organic food may cost more to buy but in the long run, the benefits are far greater and rewarding.

Organic Free Range Meat

Eating cow’s beef raised free-range, grass-fed, are leaner, low fat overall, and healthier.  According to a doctor, grains fed to the cows cause inflammation to the animals, therefore we should not consume them as it will cause- inflammation to humans as well.  Also, cows raised in cages, in a very unnatural way, are given antibiotics and steroids because they are confined in an enclosed area, very close to other cows.  If one or a couple of cows contract a virus, the virus will spread fast to the rest of the cows. Hence, the cows are given antibiotics. When the meat is sold in the markets and people, like you and I, buy the meat, in turn, we ingest the steroids, antibiotics given to the cows.

Organic beef provides healthy omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risk.  Vitamin E and beta-carotene can also be found in organic beef.  According to a study, Omega 6 in organic beef can lower the level of triglycerides or stored fat. Omega 6 also prevents cancer.

Bison Meat, Alternative To Beef

Have you tried buffalo or bison meat before?  They are much leaner than cow’s beef.  Free of hormones and antibiotic also rich in conjugated linoleic acid that reduce heart disease and cancer risks.  Animals are mainly pasture-raised and graze freely on pasture land! According to the study, bison meat has more Vitamin B, zinc, and creatine. You will get more energy and a better immune system. The downside about bison or buffalo meat compared to even organic cows’ beef is, it cost more and you may not get it in the area where you live. The best way to get the meat is online, if not available in your area. Most places that sell fresh meat online will deliver the meat well packed and frozen. Also, if you think of the health benefits it can give you, it is well worth buying bison or buffalo meat.

Buy Smart, Choose Organic Chicken and Pork

A study reported that organic pork and chicken are 33 percent less likely to carry bacteria resistant to 3 or more antibiotics than caged pork and chicken.   Free-range chicken has very high protein. One free-range chicken breast supplies about 52% of most people’s daily protein needs. Protein is crucial to our health and is referred to as the building block of life. Protein helps grow and repair our cells.

A farmer in the field with free-range chicken and basket of eggs

Almost every household has to have eggs in the kitchen fridge because we use them a lot for cooking, baking, and sometimes part of the breakfast menu.  Organic and free-range eggs are more delicious. The egg yolk color is almost orange instead of pale yellow.  The orange yolk has astaxanthin or carotenoids that is good for the eyes.  Organic eggs are nutritionally dense, less cholesterol than eggs laid by caged raised chickens. Has less saturated fat, more vitamin A, Omega 3, Vitamin E, and also beta-carotene. According to research, birds that are free-range and truly are roaming free, have a natural shelter, are juicier, tender, and better-textured meat.

Facts About Caged Grown Animals for Meat

Animals being raised in cages are given commercial feed, growth hormones, and antibiotics which is dangerous to our health. A report stated that chicken farmers in the United States sell over 8 billion birds for meat each year. Most of the Birds are caged while growing. The majority of antibiotics are marketed to animals, not sick people.  So we need to be careful and concerned when buying chicken or turkey meat.  We, humans, ingest what is fed to the chicken plus the antibiotics and growth hormones given to them.   Chickens that get infected with specific bacteria and are resistant to antibiotics cause millions of illnesses among human beings, as a result, some people that become ill for a long time lose their wages.

Pasture-raised turkey has good Omega 3 fatty acids which support a healthy brain, heart function, and reduces inflammation in the body.  While the free-range turkeys eat the grass in the pasture, they also eat bugs, worms, fruits like apples and pears.  The diversity in diet lends to an incredible flavor much different from the conventionally grown turkey.  Turkey is rich in potassium and loaded with zine.  It has niacin which can raise HDL, the good cholesterol, and lower LDL, the bad cholesterol.  Lean turkey breast fulfill more than half of most people’s daily protein needs.  Turkey is slightly leaner and has fewer calories than chicken

Finally . . . . .

I do believe and confident that if we all strive to eat organic food, we will all be happy and full of energy.   If we are not able to find organic vegetables in the supermarkets, we can also grow our own vegetables and you can be sure you are eating vegetables free from pesticides.  I am actually growing some vegetables in my backyard.  I also grow 3 kinds of fruit trees and enjoy the fruits when in season and ready for eating.  Eating organically grown vegetables and organically raised farm animals will provide us a healthier and happy life overall.

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14 thoughts on “Why Organic Food Is Better?”

  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing article and explanation given about organic food. 

    I want to say that I eat a lot of beef meat from cows but i didn’t try until now the organic beef. It’s first time when i find that this organic beef has Omega 6 and prevents cancer. My grandfather had cancer and I’m really scared about genetically transmitted of this disease.

    All the organic food give us a lot of healthy benefits. I have a perfect motto for this: “Healthy mind in a healthy body with organic food” . I hope you like it and you can add it on your article. 

    Thanks again and i hope to see more posts like this.

    • Hello Nimrodngy,

      It is nice to hear from you again!  If you eat a lot of beef, avoid the fatty part but just eat the lean part.  If beef is your weakness, eat it with lots of green vegetables instead of carbs.  Cancer is not genetics.  It is really the food we eat. Cancer can be healed by eating the right food or nutrition.  Cancer feeds on certain food and hence that is when cancer cell activates itself.  All humans have cancer cell, I understand.  The cancer cell remains dormant if not activated  by wrong food that is eaten frequently. You can research about it. 

      I will add your suggested motto.   Thank you very much.


  2. Eating organic food is better and beneficial to human health because it is more like natural and unprocessed, most of the processed and preserved foods we buy are always served with chemicals which makes it very dangerous to human health. I enjoyed the explanation you made with grazing beef and buffalo. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am with you, eating organic food will make a lot of us free from illness and live happier life.  There are so many people getting sick because of not being aware of how most food we buy are processed.  I hope to educate as many people as I can.  Please share my article so we reach more people to learn.  Thank you for your comments.

      To your health,  Evelyn

  3. This is a very good post about our health. I think that we need to understand the importance of whatever it is that we take in because it will not be anyone but us who will take the balme when anything goes wrong with our health. I want to know how I would know if a chicken is free range.

    • Organic foods at the stores are labeled properly when a specific meat is organic. It will say grass fed and free range.  Thank you for your comments.   Have a happy and healthy life always!


  4. Hello tthere thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i am sure everyone loves food and do eat their three quare meals ,but I doesn’t really matter how many times you eat but what you eat as what you eat has been a very vital part of my study for Avery long time and I have discovered that organic foods are the best.because they have all the freshness and nutrient on needs.

    • Organic food does really taste different.  You can really tell the difference.  My hope for the near future that the vegetable and meat growers will make their products more affordable and accessible for us all.  

      For your health,


  5. I would really like to go on a fully organic diet if only I could afford it. It is not easy to find organic meat or chicken where I stay unless I go to the countryside. Every time I go to the farm, I always enjoy organic foods especially vegetables, they have such a unique taste. Thank you for advocating for these, I wish more farmers can embrace organic farming to make it easy for all to access and afford the organic produce.

    • Hello Anita, 

      I am with you.  It is not easy to find organic meat or chicken.  I don’t understand myself why some meat growers make their meat too expensive if the animals are freely roaming on green pastures and eating grass that are naturally growing at open lands.  Some areas I think they have to grow the grass but I am thinking it is cheaper than buying processed animal feeds.  I have been noticing that Walmart in Southern California now have been selling organic dairies and also Smart and Final carry organic meat also. It is possible that Walmart carry organic meat.  Thank you for your comments and have a blessed day!

  6. This is a very good post here with some very nice information too because there is a saying that health is wealth and what constitutes our health mostly is what we eat. I think that the organic foods is the most important food to take in because of the health benefits. This is some really good post worth sharing.

    • Hi John, I am so glad to hear that you like my article. I am hoping to reach and empower everyone with knowledge about making the right choices when buying food to eat to nourish our body with food free of toxins. Eat healthy and feel good and happy.  It is very important.  Thank you for your nice comments.


  7. Hi there. Thanks for sharing this educative post. I have read a little about organic food before and I am so interested in them. However, I don’t know if I can find them here in my area (both fruits and meat).

    I have been hearing about lean meat before but I never had an idea what the term means; now I get the meaning from this post. Sounds cool and healthy.

    Talking about free ranged chicken, I remember when I was still a lil boy living with my grandmother, we both ordered for such, one for me and one for my grandmother, 😊. They’re easy to rear and are very strong. We normally call them native fowl. I was told before now that the eggs are expensive, now I know why; because it is expensive.

    I’m considering rearing such fowl as they’re easy to rear and multiply quickly + they’re delicious.

    Take care.

    • Hello Mr. Biizy, So glad to hear you learned something from my article.  Yes I agree, chickens are so easy to raise and you can have organic chickens and eggs raising them where they roam around freely eating grass. They  will be very nutritious.  Organic eggs are quite expensive when they are not on sale.  I live in a community that I don’t think raising fowls in the backyard is allowed . . . so I buy my organic eggs.   Thank you for your comments.  Hope you visit my site again in the future.  I just posted a new article.  Take care.



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