About Healthy Eating, Happy Living

Healthy Eating, Happy Living

Hi, I am Evelyn!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My website is about healthy eating and happy living. I will be sharing information on good dietary practices that will help people live a healthy life, free from illness, and prevent chronic pain. How some of the food we eat can help us feel young, energetic, productive and most of all feeling happy all the time time. How we can help people around us live long and enjoy life to the fullest. Information and research will not only be shared with my family, siblings, friends but the rest of the world.  I am going to help everyone through articles on the benefits of different types of foods and beverages that we give our bodies. Talk about the root cause of body inflammation that a lot of people experience. What food not to eat to prevent body inflammation.  Educate everyone on food that causes free radicals in our body which can affect the functions of our organs over time.  I want everyone to live a life that is full of energy, vibrant, and live longer.   It is an enormous and endless task but I am excited and determined to do it.

Educating People about Good Dietary Habit

My research taught me that most illnesses were caused by what we put in our mouths.  Hence, through education, non-contagious diseases caused by inflammation can be prevented.  Hospitalization can be avoided as well.  Through research, I  also learned we can have a happy and vibrant life, and free from pain, if we nourish our body properly and avoid the food that causes inflammation.  Some of our health problems come about because we unknowingly consume foods that have been chemically altered and processed, vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides, cooking oils that were extracted by heat have caused oxidation, some were artificially flavored, chemically produced artificial sweeteners, a lot of these factors impact the functions of our liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, brain, and lymphatic system. They cause free radicals in our body that lead to inflammation like pesticides do affect our endocrine system.  When our organs are clogged with toxins – they could not function properly.  Hence, toxins cause other problems in our immune system.  We can detoxify specific organs naturally with natural supplements to do the job.  Furthermore, there are supplements that will help tone organs in our body.  I will be introducing the nutrients, what food to eat, and what food to avoid, how you can detox your body and organs that will deal with the root cause of inflammation.

Supplementing With Minerals and Nutrients

I left my job in 2017 and have been feeling very blessed.  Also due to the knowledge I have acquired through research, I practice healthy eating habits that have been making me feel very good.  I learned so much about nutrients and the many benefits to our body.  Consuming the right nutrients and supplements, have produced very positive results.   My mother passed away at 89.  I always told myself that if I knew then what I have learned in the last 5 years, probably my Mom will still be alive today like other people who are still living at 100 and above.  I miss my Mom dearly that I still think about her.  I do miss her all the time.

It is my goal to keep myself healthy, families, and friends and reach out to millions of people to inspire them to live a healthy and happy life.  My brother and 2 sisters have been enjoying the benefits of the supplements and nutrients and they have been experiencing positive results.  That makes me very happy and feel so good about it.  Some of my friends already are familiar with the supplements they feel they need and have been taking them and getting very positive results as well.

Learn About Essential Oils For Good Health

I also would like to share information and educate everyone about the use of natural essential oils.  More and more people now are learning about essential oils and how to use them.  First, the oils can be used topically or by aromatherapy for healing and illness prevention.  Secondly, essential oils that are labeled pure, organic, natural, hexane-free, cold-pressed will be safe for ingesting if mixed with water.  Furthermore, the correct dosage has to be researched before ingesting.  Did you know just by using oil as aromatherapy can help with healing?  Yes, you can.  Depending on what condition you want to heal, a specific oil has to be used.  Using essential oil topically is also effective in healing.  Again, a specific oil has to be determined for what you want to heal.

Why do I want To Help People?

Having acquired a substantial amount of knowledge and continuing to grow my knowledge,  I would like to reach out to millions of people and empower them.  Inform the people of choices available to all of us, if we are faced with health issues.  Educate them about what food makes us sick and food that will heal us.  A lot of these foods that make us healthy are accessible and affordable and have the ability to make us well.

Autoimmune diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and severe allergies can be prevented through educating ourselves on selecting the right food.  The conditions I mentioned here are also reversible through strict self-discipline on the dietary habits, making a change in your lifestyle,  and taking the right supplements.  How simple exercises can help the body heal and promote blood circulation as part of healing.  How taking supplements will help bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should be eating.

The Goal of My Site

The goal of my site is to successfully reach out to millions of people and provide help to people in need of help.  Disseminate the importance of proper nourishment of our body to achieve and maintain good health.  Encourage individuals to practice healthy eating.  Making people informed, is making oneself safe.  Good health is wealth!  Be healthy and wealthy!

Thank you for visiting.



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