Best Essential Oils for Healing

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Essential Oils Are Used For Healing

I would like to introduce to you essential oils that can be used for healing when we are not feeling well, or we are experiencing pain, etc. There are essential oils that are very effective in healing some of the conditions and without side effects but will improve overall health, and also prevent illnesses that are not life and death situation.

In one of the webinars I listened to, one of the patients talked about using frankincense oil for healing. I did not know anything about the oil but I only knew about the frankincense resins burned in the thurible that priests use during worship in a catholic mass.  Research taught me that frankincense, myrrh, lavender, and peppermint oil use is a great way to naturally heal autoimmune diseases caused by inflammation in our body.  In addition to the oils mentioned above, bergamot, cinnamon, lemon oils are also perfect to help other conditions.   Lavender Oil is a very popular essential oil also.  It has medicinal properties and used for bug bites, eczema, and wound healing.  Oregano oil has antibiotic properties that can help with the infection.

Best Essential Oils For Healing

My experience of using natural essential oils has been satisfying because of the excellent results.   When I experience pain, such as neck pain, lower back pain due to twisting my back, or pain on my right shoulder, I will apply the frankincense oil.  The pain just goes away like a miracle within a half-hour. Depending on the severity of the pain, the oil will need to be applied a few times until it is gone. Pain goes away after a few applications. Frankincense is my favorite as it is very effective for almost any kind of condition. You can also rub the oil where your lymph nodes are. It helps the lymphatic system detox just by rubbing topically.  Myrrh oil has the same therapeutic effect as frankincense.  The difference between the two oil is, myrrh oil smells like perfume but a pleasant kind of perfume-like smell.  Myrrh is also powerful in healing.

You can make your own mixture by determining what you want to use the oil for.  Mix frankincense oil with lavender oil and myrrh oil to use for therapeutic effect. The combination of the three oils is very effective for healing. The three oils plus a carrier oil, either argan or sweet almond oil will make it so easy to apply topically where you want to rub the oil on the skin.

Best Essential Oils for Pain

Frankincense, myrrh, lavender, peppermint, camphor, and a carrier oil, is a perfect combination or mixture for pain.  Use 10 drops of each oil and the rest carrier oil.  Use a 10ml roller bottle so you can roll on the skin and massage in the oil using your hand.  I use this size of bottle for family and friends that need them.  They have been using the natural oils and were just so happy about the positive effect of the oil mixture as it is relieving pain.  I have not taken any over-the-counter pain reliever for almost 2 years now and I am very happy about that because of my concern about the NSAID property in all of the pain relievers and the bad side effects.  Pain relievers over the counter when taken excessively can also cause bleeding ulcers and possibly liver problems.

Using your own personal judgment, you can also use the frankincense oil by itself, it is safe to do so and the result is very satisfying. The carrier oil is used for easy dispensing from the bottle and rubbing on the skin and you can control how much to apply.  The frankincense by itself is a very thin liquid that can get very expensive when you buy pure, naturally organic, and therapeutic quality.

Using Oils as Aromatherapy For Healing

Essential Oil Diffuser

Natural essential oils can be used for inhaling by using an oil diffuser or putting drops of oil needed in a blank nasal inhaler tube.  To diffuse into the air, put water into the oil diffuser by filling it up to the line indicator for water.

Use 3-4 drops each of eucalyptus oil, grapefruit, orange, and lemon oils for detoxing the air. The mixture of oils cleanses the air you breathe in.

For calming, relaxing, and restful sleep, use 3-4 drops also of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense oils. The smell is so good and soothing and you will have a restful sleep. This mixture is also very therapeutic just by inhaling the smell from the mists of the oil.  Lavender is also supposed to relieve insomnia. It also helps people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diffuser Also, another way of using lavender or bergamot oil is you can put 7 drops of any of the oil in a blank nasal inhaler tube for inhaling to ease away depression.  It calms nerves and makes you feel better.  For massage use, peppermint oil mixed with frankincense and lavender oils will give a soothing and cool effect on an achy muscle.

Oil Blend For Skin Health As Anti-aging & Wrinkles

Problems with acne and sagging skin? Blend oil of carrot, lemon, jojoba, and frankincense essential oil and Argan or Sweet Almond as a carrier oil, is very effective in hydrating and moisturizing skin.  Massage your face in an upward direction after applying the oil to your skin.  Use every day to diminish wrinkles! Makes your skin look young.  Also, the oil is very good in the prevention of acne breakout.  If you have acne, the oil blend will shrink and dry up acne very nicely in a few days and will leave no trace.

Vitamin E Oil is also good for the skin. I apply this oil on my face, arms, and legs every night and the following morning my skin looks so smooth, young, and almost like a porcelain look.  If you have acne, vitamin E oil heals acne fast as well.  Mixing Vitamin E oil with organic coconut oil is very good at reducing fat cellulite and skin dryness. Blend these 2 oils and apply them to your arms, neck, legs as a moisturizer.  Your skin will be well hydrated and minimize wrinkles caused by dry weather and you are using natural oils, no chemicals, and are toxic-free!  The amazing result is just awesome!

Remove Makeup and Grow Hair With Essential Oil

A blend of hemp oil and castor oil, or hemp oil and olive oil, will work well in removing makeup plus will hydrate your skin.  Using just hemp oil also does a good job of removing makeup.  1 tsp of each oil, mix together and rub on your face that has makeup. The oil mix will dissolve eye makeup, mascara, and eyeliner. After rubbing the oil on your face, wipe off your face with a warm clean towel, and remove as much as you can. Your face will feel smooth and moisturized.

Castor Oil is also amazing in growing eyebrows and eyelashes.  I have been using this oil for several months now and my lashes and eyebrows have grown thick.  I love it!  My eyelashes were thinning and have become thick and slightly longer than before using castor oil every night.  It is just amazing!  My husband also uses castor oil on his bald area on the head. Baby hairs have started to grow. His hair has grown thicker and has some dark hair now instead of just very thin white hair like before.

Coconut Oil – is perfect for making your hair texture smooth and soft. I use coconut oil mist on my hair after shampoo and also let it dry by air naturally. Then I spray and massage my hair with the coconut oil mist, and then set it. It leaves my hair healthy-looking and shiny.

Truly Amazing Results!

The results have been so amazing using natural essential oils for healing and beauty for almost every user.  Essential Oils are from natural plants and do not have side effects as long as you don’t use them excessively or use the wrong oil for the wrong condition.  The oils should not be exposed to direct sunlight as heat will cause oxidation of the oil.  I have not experienced any side effects, even my family and friends that have been using essential oil.   For the most part,  essential oils work well without side effects.   I am happy to see the good results all around!

Disclaimer:   Please consult your physician first before using the above-suggested products if you are experiencing pain that may be a serious health issue.  Also, read the label for any side effects before purchasing the suggested products in the article.

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