Will Eating The Right Food Heal Our Body?

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Heal Our Body by Eating The Right Food

Eating the right food will certainly heal our bodies. Consuming nutrient-dense fruits will help increase our immune system due to bioactive compounds like flavonoids and polyphenols.     Eating and healing our bodies with the right food does work.  Also, will help prevent non-contagious diseases such as coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, COPD, and arthritis.  Bad dietary habits will cause those types of inflammation. Below are fruits with healing properties that will boost our immune system:


When Is It Right To Eat Fruits?

A study stated it is best to eat fruits an hour before eating a meal, before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  My favorite fruits to eat before meals and I do it before breakfast, are navel oranges, gala apples, or granny smith.  I also squeeze lemon in a cup of warm water and leave the squeezed piece of lemon in for more lemon flavor.  Lemon is one of the citrus fruits that are good for cardiovascular health and it protects your cells from free radicals.  It is also good for detoxing the liver and kidney.  Eating fruits with meals can slow down digestion as food sits in the stomach longer and can ferment thus causing gas, bloating, and digestive problems.


Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants.  Drinking fresh juice of pomegranate will protect you from getting cancer cells due to the flavonoids compound that kills cancer cells in our body.

Pineapple & Papaya

Both Papaya & Pineapple have proteolytic enzymes that help us digest protein. Pineapple has a vast amount of bromelain and is known to prevent pain. Some fruits peel are important to eat. Such fruits are apples, nectarines,  yellow tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and plums.  Berries help produce NK cells (Natural Killer Cells)  These fruits have polyphenols and the red ones contain lycopene that helps grow enough blood vessels and promote good circulation in the body so we can continue growing bones,  hydrate our skin, nails, cartilages, and muscle tissues, and heal wounds.

Health Promoting Foods and Fruits

A study indicated that it is not good to grow excessive blood vessels as they can supply blood to a tumor aiding cancer growth or spreading of cancer.   However, eating soy products will cut off the blood supply to a breast cancer cell and kill it.  It is called anti-angiogenic therapy.  The phytoestrogen from soybean blocks the receptor of the human estrogen.   Eating tomato soup also is effective in blocking blood vessels from feeding prostate cancer.  Tomato sauce is effective when you cook it well as you will get a substantial amount of lycopene from tomato.  Lycopene is good for the immune system to fight cancer. Red fruits, red dark vegetables are good sources of cancer-fighting properties as they have quercetin.  Cacao, extra virgin olive oil, and green tea will kill breast cancer stem cells.  Purple potatoes, green tea, and walnuts will kill colon cancer stem cells.  Capers and thyme will kill prostate cancer cells also.


Papaya has Vitamin A and C.  It is high in fibers that will help your digestion and lower cholesterol levels.  It contains other vitamins and minerals like D, E, folate, beta carotene,  potassium, copper, and magnesium.   Papaya may help in the prevention of colon cancer,  atherosclerosis, and diabetes due to the specific vitamin content that will help prevent them.  It is high in antioxidants.  It can help LDL and HDL oxidation.

Dried Apricot

Eating dried apricot helps lower blood pressure.  The peel on dried fruits provides the nutrients that promote healthy blood vessels, therefore, gives you good blood circulation.  The nutrients on the peel give us nitric oxide for good circulation and better absorption of nutrients in our bodies. High in Potassium and very hydrating fruit. The recommended portion is 3 – 4 apricots a day. All dried fruits contain the same nutritional qualities as the original fresh fruits.

Food That Stimulates Stem Cells

Organic and roam-free animals such as cows, chickens, and pigs are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Meat from these animals stimulates the growth of Stem Cells in Diabetic patients.  Less Calorie intake helps rebuild stem cells to a healthy condition.  Other kinds of food to support stem cells are avocados, bamboo shoots, blueberries, celery, collard greens, goji berries, green beans, green tea, mangoes, pistachios, spinach, squid ink, and turmeric.  Please note that high fat, high calorie, and hypoglycemic diet will injure our stem cells.  

What Bacteria Is Important In Our Gut and Will Heal Cancer?

Acamencia Bacteria

A study indicated that we have 40 million bacteria in our gut system. Most of the well-known bacteria are lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, acidophilus, etc.  One that is not known is acamencia bacteria. According to research, Cancer Immunotherapy of the gut microbiome can be increased by consuming 8 oz. of pure pomegranate or cranberry juice for a couple of weeks to grow back acamencia bacteria in our gut and will heal cancer.  According to the study it is not known to the oncology.  Acamencia bacteria is needed by our body.  Anti-biotics given to a patient can wipe out all of the acamencia bacteria. Click here to listen to Dr. William Li about the Science of How the Body Heals Itself.

Foods That Will Boost Immunity

Oysters have a protein called polysaccharides that has immune-boosting properties and an anti-tumor effect.  Peptides are extracted from oysters and using the oyster sauce in your cooking will be a good source of immune-boosting properties.  Broccoli Sprouts –  if made into shake can heal the flu and boost the immune system.   Our diet impacts our health defense systems in a meaningful way that can change our lives.

All of us have good and bad DNA.  According to a study, fermented turmeric is the food we can consume as a supplement,  tea, or as a spice in our cooking and will increase the good DNA in the body.  It has properties that can block cervical, breast, and lung cancers.  At the same time, turmeric also blocks bad DNA causing cancer which tells us how turmeric is so good for the human body.

Fermented turmeric powder is the best supplement to have due to its many benefits.  It provides vitamins, minerals, and curcuminoids. It is highly bioavailable due to increased water solubility and a better absorption rate.  This turmeric also contains vitamin D3 and ginger, both potent anti-inflammatories, along with KSM-66 Ashwagandha® and ParActin® for reduced joint pain and to help the body recover from stress.


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  1. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with me and I am a healthy woman .I always eat foods that increase my body’s immunity and are very good for health .At the same time, I keep an eye on saving my money. And I think the body needs more money in terms of good nutrition, not just need awareness so I did a lot of research. And I love to eat fruit. I first practiced eating fruit and it worked perfectly. And I have gained a lot of knowledge through your articles and I hope I benefit more in the future .

    And vitamin C is very important for our body and I eat a lot of vitamin C rich foods. Also, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will be able to know more details and will definitely share with you their new experience.

    • Thank you  Shanta for visiting my website.  I am glad you learned from my article.  Just remember, it is always healthier to eat whole fruits. Will be more effective in getting the nutrients our body needs. It is also good to eat most fruits that have edible peel.  The peel has more potent healing properties than the inside of the fruits.  I look forward to hearing from you again soon in the future.  Thank you for your time.  Very much appreciated.


  2. First of all, thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful article. After reading your article I learned that eating some kind of food or fruit will increase our body immunity. I don’t like to eat too much fruit but reading your article from now on I will try to eat more fruit. I didn’t know that Avogrado was good for diabetics. Since my grandfather is a diabetic patient, from now on I will ask my grandfather to eat avocado. Because it Will stimulates the growth of Stem Cells in Diabetic patients. Thanks for sharing this article. I must share your article with people close to me, I think they will greatly benefit from your article. Good Luck!

    • Thank you Sabrinamou, for your comments and visiting my website. Yes Eating whole fruits will benefit the body better than processed fruits.  For  fruits to be effective for healing, it is advisable to eat them half to 1 hour at least, before eating your regular meal. That way the fruit will not mix with the meal and ferment or rot in the stomach.  If you do, it sometimes cause indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea. Try it that way and you will see the effect.  Thank you for sharing my article with people you know.  It will be very much appreciated.  The more people are in the know, the less people will get sick and more will be healthier.  


  3. Really a fruity article about fruits. I love eating mangoes, and when you hear that they help in boosting your immunity it makes me happier to eat mangoes. Fruits are very delicious indeed and do have great healing properties. We have evolved through eating natural fruits and vegetables, no wonder they have a good impact on us.

    • Hello Surya,
      Thank you for leaving a comment on my post. Glad to hear you love fruits and specifically mangoes. It is my favorite as well. Although I love mangoes, I could not eat a lot of them because I get tiny red bumps allergic reaction on my belly. They disappear after a few days. A lot of whole fruits have healing properties that help the immune system. I make sure I have fruits every day. Again, thanks for visiting my website.

      Stay well,

  4. Knowing the little secret that can help us hack our health and get a better boost in all we do is simply great to see here. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. To be honest, I really appreciate the fact that you have shared something like this here about how to truly heal our body and knowing what to eat and when to eat it to get the best result from it. Thank you

    • Thank you for your visit, Phillip. Glad to know that you find my article helpful. Please share with your friends and family so as to empower them with knowledge. A lot of us are busy working and lacking time sometimes to do research that will benefit our health. People who do like what I do will help provide that helpful information to good health.

      Stay well,


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