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Frankincense – A Healing Oil

Frankincense, A Miracle Oil

Frankincense Oil 1 fl. oz (30 ml)
Zongle, Certified Organic, Pure & Therapeutic Grade
For Healing, Safe for Ingestion, GSMC and Microbial Tested. This oil is bottled in the U.S. Use your favorite carrier oil for topical use.

Frankincense Is A Sap From Boswellia Tree

Boswellia trees grow on the remote hilltops of Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and India. To harvest frankincense, a shallow cut is made on the branches of the trees away from the wind for saps to come out.  When saps come out, they are left on the branches for a few days to harden. The resins are collected when they are hard enough. When dried and hard, resins are ready for final processing to turn into frankincense oil.  The rest are sold as is for incense or religious purposes.  Frankincense was referenced in the bible as one of the gifts brought by the Three Wise Men to Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born.  Moreover, it has been in use for healing since the 6th century BC. That tells us how effective Frankincense is as a healing oil. It was valued as much as gold in the 6th Century BC because of the healing properties it has.

Benefits of Frankincense

Use topically for healing, blend frankincense with lavender, myrrh, and sweet almond or jojoba oils. I always take the oil when traveling.  It is very good for muscle aches anywhere on the body.  The pain usually goes away after 20 – 30 minutes of application.  The oil is perfect to use after physical work during the day.  It is amazing as I don’t feel any sore muscles the following day.  Most times, you don’t even notice when the pain is gone! The oil is also very good in relieving tension and headache, lower back pain.  Terpenes and the boswellic acid in Frankincense are the compounds that act as an anti-inflammatory in the body and reduce or get rid of arthritis pain.  A test-tube study suggests that frankincense may fight breast, prostate, pancreatic, skin, and colon cancer.   If you think you have inflammation in your body, you can put a few drops in the water and drink it to help rid of the inflammation. Make sure that you have the kind that you can ingest, pure, certified organic, GMO-free.

Use Frankincense As Massage Therapy and More

I have rubbed frankincense oil on the right side of my tummy when I was feeling minor pain under my right rib cage for a few days.  That minor pain went away.  I got that idea from someone on YouTube who was explaining how to use specific essential oils for healing.  Trying the technique worked for me.  I also learned that you can rub frankincense oil on your solar plexus when you think you need healing inside your body.    I blend frankincense with lavender, and peppermint oils in a 2 oz bottle and use it for massage therapy.  It gives you a soothing and relaxing effect on your muscles. Makes you feel so good after the massage and has a soothing effect.  The oil blend also smells so good.  When the oil is massaged in your muscles, it penetrates your skin pores, so it does the job of lessening inflammation in the body.

According to experts, rub frankincense oil on your neck, underneath your arms, and groins essentially where all the lymph nodes are.  The oil will help the lymph nodes detox.  Our respiratory system, cellular system, liver, tissue, practically every cell of our body will benefit from the use of the oil. Smell frankincense oil to reduce brain inflammation, or anoint your head with the oil, which will help you manifest well, have a clear meditation, or help you do a solemn prayer.  Frankincense Oil has an anti-aging property but should be blended with other oils to boost the power of its efficacy.  You can apply the oil on aging dark spots, acne,  scars, or stretch marks, which will even out skin tones.  Blend with jojoba, add a few drops of grapefruit, lemon, carrot, and geranium oils before using as anti-aging or moisturizer or skincare. Frankincense can also reduce cellulite.

Healing Power of Frankincense

A report stated that Frankincense Oil is also used for healing cancer. Women who noticed bumps on their skin at the elbow area applied frankincense oil for a few months and the bumps went away.   Using the undiluted oil works very effectively rubbing it on topically.

I have used frankincense oil on my husband when he had a bump that started as the size of the tip of my big thumb which is about an inch in diameter. The bump was hard almost like a rock. It’s on his back about 6 inches below his neck.  We tried to pop it open a few times during the years he has had it and even asked to put a hole by pricking it with a needle.  Long story short, the trick never worked! Years later, one day, he called me to look at it as it was hurting.  When I looked at the bump it had grown about 3 inches in diameter still hard like a rock partially slightly red.  It was red on one side near the middle, no sign it would pop open, no hole.  I decided to rub undiluted frankincense oil on the bump for 3 days.  On the 4th day, a tiny hole appeared, pus peeking. When I squeezed the bump, it squirted with what looked like rotten milk with tiny chunks and hit my neck! Smelled horrible! (Had to clean me before I can finish squeezing). For 6 days, I was rubbing the oil just around and near the bump each day after squeezing it daily to ensure that it was completely free of pus.  I also was applying an antibiotic ointment and covering the area with gauze.   Long story short, my husband has been having that bump for 15 years or more.  Finally, it gave way to be squeezed and now completely gone.  The only thing I can think of is, the frankincense oil really helped to get that bump out of his back.

The other person I had to give frankincense oil to, was my sister’s house help, she was having pain and swelling underneath her middle toe on the right foot.  Couldn’t walk well because of the pain and it was red.  I gave her the oil to rub on the swollen toe. After just a day, it popped open and let out the pus and blood. The following day, the swelling went down.  She healed also by using frankincense oil for a few days.  The frankincense oil has been an amazing essential oil to me and other people.

Frankincense Oil As Aromatherapy

Use frankincense oil as aromatherapy in an oil diffuser at bedtime. It is great for good health and healing.    Three drops of frankincense oil, 3 drops of lavender, and 3 drops of peppermint.  The combination of oils gives you a calming effect and the smell is wonderful! Helps you feel good and achieve a very good night and restful sleep.  To learn about other essential oils for use as aromatherapy using an oil diffuser, click here.  There are numerous ways and purposes you can use frankincense.   To learn more about the different uses of frankincense and other many benefits, click here.

If you like this article and would like to share your own experience of using frankincense oil, please leave me a comment at the end of the blog. You can also email me at

Disclaimer:  The statements made in this article is based on my own experience of using the product and also some research performed and testimonials by other users.  Please consult your physician before using the suggested product.

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About Healthy Eating, Happy Living

Eat Healthy, Live Happy

Hi, I am Evelyn!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My website is about healthy eating and happy living. I will be sharing information on proper nutrition and practices to help people live healthy lives, free from illness, and chronic pain. The choices of the food that we eat daily are the key to living a healthy life. Eating the right food with the right nutrients will help the body healthy, feel young, energetic, productive and most of all will make the body happy all the time time. This website will show everyone how to achieve that goal and enjoy life to the fullest. Through research and providing studies on food that promote excellent health for the body and mind, I hope to be able to reach thousands of people if not millions, to help achieve that.  I will be writing blogs on what food to eat and what food to avoid, what ingredients to avoid in cooking food, what to watch out for in beverages that are sold in the stores, and should avoid those drinks. My blog will talk about the root cause of body inflammation that causes illness. Educate everyone on food elements that cause free radicals in our body that can affect the functions of our organs over time.  I want everyone to live a life that is full of energy, vibrant, and live longer.   It is an enormous and endless task but I am excited and determined to do it.

Educating People about Good Dietary Habit

I learned in my research that most illnesses were caused by what we put in our mouths.  Therefore, through education, non-contagious diseases caused by inflammation can be prevented.  Hospitalization can be avoided as well.  Through research, I  also learned we can have a happy and vibrant life, and free from pain, if we nourish our body properly and avoid the food that causes inflammation.  We buy foods that we thought are safe for our health, but in actuality, cause us harm because of the way they were cooked, using the wrong oil, added chemically processed flavors, vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides. The factors I mentioned, impact the functions of our liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, brain, and lymphatic system. They cause free radicals in our body that lead to inflammation like pesticides sprayed on the vegetables do affect our endocrine system.  When our organs are clogged with toxins – they could not function properly.  Hence, toxins cause other problems in our immune system. 

Supplementing With Minerals and Nutrients

We can detoxify specific organs naturally with minerals and nutrients.  Furthermore, there are supplements that will help tone organs in our bodies.  My blogs will introduce the type of nutrients, and minerals to take. Taking supplements will help bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should be eating. Introduce the type of foods that will help detox specific organs in the body. At the same time, avoid bad food causing the root cause of the health issues. Consuming the right nutrients and supplements will help produce very positive results.   My mother passed away at 89.  I always told myself that if I knew then what I have learned, probably my Mom would have lived a lot longer like other people who are still living at 100 and above.  I miss my Mom dearly that I still think about her. 

My goal is to reach out to thousands of people if not millions, to inspire them to live a healthy and happy life.  Supplements of minerals and nutrients have benefited a lot of people that I know of and people close to me. It is a testament that our body can be deficient or lack the right nutrients and minerals, and we must supply them. I am very happy to share the important information, as well.

Learn About Essential Oils For Good Health

I also have learned so much about the use of natural essential oils for good health.  More people now are learning about essential oils and how to use them.  First, the oils can be used topically or by aromatherapy for healing and illness prevention.  Secondly, essential oils that are labeled pure, organic, natural, hexane-free, cold-pressed will be safe for ingesting if mixed with water.  Furthermore, the correct dosage has to be researched before ingesting.  Did you know just by using oil as aromatherapy can help with healing?  Yes, you can.  Depending on what condition you want to heal, there is specific oil for it.  Using essential oil topically is also effective in healing.  Again, a specific oil has to be determined for what you want to heal.

Why do I want To Help People?

Since learning about how to eat healthily and live a happy life, it became my strong desire to help as many people as possible. Having a blog website is the only way to reach out to millions of people and empower them.  It will make me feel very good knowing I am helping people who are faced with health issues.  I would like to give a gift of hope and that our bodies will heal if we are equipped with the right information on how we can achieve it. We can heal our bodies with the right food.

Autoimmune diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and severe allergies and more, can be prevented and can be reversed through education and self-discipline on dietary habits, or changing a lifestyle. Also, by adopting a simple exercise to our daily routine, the body will heal.

The Goal of My Site

The goal of my site is to empower millions of people with information on nourishing our bodies with the right nutrients and minerals. I want millions of people to feel hopeful if they are faced with health issues and still achieve happy living.  Through education via my articles on proper nutrition, I hope to achieve my goal. Encourage individuals to practice healthy eating.  Helping and educating everyone is just my nature! Good health is wealth!  Be healthy and wealthy!

Thank you for visiting.


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